6 Most Amazing Destinations in France

France is a dream vacation destination with its beautiful Mediterranean beaches, art museums, architectural masterpieces, authentic French cuisine and alpine villages.  Naturally the country tops all bucket lists and travelers want to discover every inch of it. It is the perfect honeymoon location, the ideal place to enjoy with friends and the best option for solo travelers. Basically France is the perfect tourist spot. The only downside? It is a tad expensive, and the biggest expense is the flight to France. But if you redeem or sell Air France points (whichever option is suitable), you can save a considerable amount of money. If you plan to visit France, you better start planning in advance. It is a big country with so many wonders. In this article, we take a look at the 6 most amazing Destinations in the country.


This gorgeous town remains to be one of the most iconic and popular locations in all of Europe. Its medieval structures and streets as well as pebbly beaches look straight out of a movie. With a rich history and artistic background, the town features many great art pieces.


For a modern holiday, visit the capital of Paris. France is often known as the fashion capital of the world, and Paris is where all the shopping is done. As for French cuisine, Paris is the ideal city for it, with its many elegant restaurants, vibrant cafés and cozy hotels. The city also boasts major tourist attractions, including the Eiffel Tower, the Luxembourg Garden, the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Tuileries Garden, the Champs Elysées and the Palace of Versailles.

French Riviera

French Riviera is the name given to the Mediterranean Coast in Southeastern France. This is where all the resorts have been developed for attracting tourists from all over the world. It is the ideal location for a beachy and relaxed holiday. Near to French Riviera are many coastal towns and villages, each one showcasing its unique culture and attributes. Set aside a few days for simply sunbathing at the beach and a few days to explore the nearby towns and villages.


For adventure and thrill, head to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc known as the best ski destination worldwide. It lies at the base of Mont Blanc in the magnificent Alps. Cable cars offer amazing views and you get to see across the border beautiful Italian sights as well.


With its history dating back to 600 BC when the Greeks arrived to this area, Marseilles offers a rich culture and many historical sights amidst modern architecture. This port city features street markets, alleys, fish bazaars, bustling squares and delicious seafood.


This port city is not famed for its beaches and fisheries but for its wine-growing region, nightlife and architectural wonders. The mansions and cathedrals from the 18th century and 19th century are quite a sight to behold and vineyards are a delight to visit. Like Paris, Bordeaux serves exquisite French cuisine and prides itself on its food.

France seldom fails to impress its visitors. It offers a wholesome vacation experience to all kinds of tourists. Definitely one of the top countries to explore in Europe. Start saving now to enjoy a memorable holiday to France!


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