Essential Packing Tips for Amateur travelers

I remember my first few traveling trips and the anxiety I felt whenever I had to pack. I was inexperienced and made many mistakes. Mistakes that make me laugh now that I think about them. My first ever travel trip was on a very tight budget. It became a reality after an entire year of saving up. I brought airline miles and redeemed them against my airline ticket. I was also able to sell miles with mileage spot which generated quick cash to fund other travel related expenses. But more details about that trip in another article for all new struggling travelers. Today I address an issue which doesn’t come across as an “issue” at first thought but it is something that every traveler struggles with at some point. Listed below are a few essential packing tips for amateur travelers.

Start with a list early on

Start working on a handwritten list ahead of time. I prefer a paper list but you could use the notepad in your mobile as well if that sounds easier. Write down all items that need to be packed. This doesn’t have to be done all at once. Note down the things as you remember them over the days. When the time comes for packing, use the list. You will be more efficient and you also save time.

Be organized

Being a messy person myself, I learned this while later that things pan out much better if I am organized. If you start dumping in clothes and all other items haphazardly, you will lose track of what you have packed and what you have not packed. And you are likely to miss out on things even if you have a list. Use your list to first gather all things in one place and sort through them. For example toiletries on one side, warms clothes on one and medical supplies on the other. You get the picture. Once all the stuff is sorted and double checked, then start putting in things one by one. It helps later on if you remember where you put what. You would not have to create a mess while finding things.

Roll the Clothing

Folded clothes take up more space as opposed to rolled ones. Roll all items of clothing including jeans, shirts and sweaters. Put socks inside shoes to save even more space.

Pack light

Your heart will nag you and make you pack excessive things. Two shirts? Can’t decide on one? Pack both? No! Listen to your brain. Packing light is essential to a smooth airport process and traveling during a trip. I am sure dragging a heavy bag all through the airport and paying for extra luggage doesn’t seem like a good idea. And then when it comes to going from one hotel to the other, you would have to spend so much time packing again. Not to forget, all your luggage may not fit in a taxi/rental car or if you are taking a domestic flight or local bus, you would have to pay again. Save yourself the trouble and hassle. Cut down your list to minimum. Only pack absolutely essential items.





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