Lake Como Villas Rental: landscapes, cuisine and nature

Are you looking for a vacation rentals for your relaxing holiday with your family? Are your friends interesting for a vacation absorbed into the nature where you can spend time to make a lot of different sports? Do your parents needs a quite place to walk or bike? Lake Como is your answer.

Lake Como is a charming place that can offer to you wonderful landscapes where you can spend your time visiting the little village near the lakefront, walking into the green wood, cycling through the mountain path, visiting museums and art exhibitions. And, why not, eating the best food of the world: the Italian cuisine.

If your idea of holiday is to stay in this little part of heaven, but you don’t want to book a room in a hotel because you prefer to have more freedom to schedule sports, reading and relaxing, you should choose another solution.

We could council you to rent a villa immersed into the nature. Our two manor have a swimming pool, a tidy garden and a private park; they are strategically located for relaxing breaks but also a central situated to sightseeing.

Lake Como villas rental is very simple and fast: you don’t have to talk with any intermediary, but only with the owner of the facilities, so you don’t have to pay more cause of commissions.

If you want, we have a pack solutions also for banquets, weddings, corporate events and another kind of party that are important for you. Write us to discover our offers about catering and preparations.

Are you ready for a lake Como villas rental?

Contact us right now, and we’ll give you an answer about our availability as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to waiting you and your family in one of our facilities.

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