My Initial Experiences During Long Term Travel

Right from childhood I have been traveling. My parents liked to travel and we would go on long drives in the weekend with no destination in mind. We would camp at places we liked and explore the area and then move on. My love for travel has only grown but like most of you I had to finish my education and once my education was complete I was working in a small cubicle in a big organization. It was here that the traveling bug again got to me. I started saving money religiously and after a few years bid goodbye to my promising career and started my travels around the world. I have been traveling now for many years and if you have been bitten by the traveling bug then the following experiences that I share will surely help you:

  • Initially I did not know that itineraries need to be planned. I just got on a plane and reached a country that provided visas on arrival. I explored the cities there and when I had my fill, hopped on a plane and went to the next country. I learnt all countries do not provide visas on arrival; we need to get visas in advance for some countries so you need to research that too. But over time I learnt that a good itinerary can save you time and money and nowadays a lot of time and research I dedicate to planning the itinerary and you should too.
  • The first time I travelled I thought that I had everything in my backpack and the remaining things could be given away and I did just that. But when I returned after the first trip I needed my bedding, I needed my winter clothes etc and I had to buy them again. Nowadays I make it a point to store my things in storage units Havertown and they are safe there to be retrieved when I return.
  • You may have heard of the saying, “I spent money like water.” In the initial days of my travels I did the same too. I was just spending and spending and I did not know where it was going. Now I know, it was spent on new friends, in the bar, in the restaurant etc. I make it a point to share the expenses with friends nowadays and I also do not go to expensive restaurants etc., I cook my own food and if that is not possible I eat at local eateries that are good to taste but are easy on the pocket.

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