Unusual Traditional Cultures of Vietnam You Should Know

As one of the countries with a rich culture in South East Asia region, the mysterious land of Vietnam enchants any culture buffs for its fascinating culture.

In spite of heavily influenced by Chinese culture, Vietnam still retains its own distinctiveness in culture which likes no other on earth.

If you are interested in the unique culture of this fabulous country, the article below offers you the very first glimpse of traditional cultures in Vietnam.

Water puppetry

The captivating water puppetry with its long history is a perfect way to combine culture exploring and entertainment. This ancient Asian puppet art features proficient manipulation of the puppets controlled by professional puppeteers through bamboo rods behind the screen.

Showed on a quite deep pool, it looks like the puppets are moving here and there on the water themselves.

The puppet theme is quite close to people’s daily lives, or about historical heroes and stories. The show is very vivid and entertaining with the music, drums and traditional instruments along with delightful lights. It will be a great time to learn about the culture and relax with families.

Where to watch a puppet show in Hanoi:

Hanoi Water Puppet Theater- located near Hoan Kiem Lake- is the most famous place for enjoying this traditional art performance.

Schedule of performances:

Summer: 16h10 | 17h20 | 18h30 | 20h

Winter: 15h | 16h10 | 17h20 | 18h30 | 20h | 21h15

Sunday morning: 9h30


Adult: 100,000 VND / person

Children under 1.2m: 60,000 VND / person

Floating Markets in Mekong Delta Region

Known as the cradle of culture in Vietnam, the fertile land of the Mekong Delta region features a gorgeous water culture. The distinctive floating markets here are undoubtedly the best of its kind.

With traders rowing their boats loaded with fresh produce and other regional products and doing bargains-all on the water, this bustling region has become one of the most sought-after attractions for culture buffs around the world.

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Where to visit floating market?

Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho

This is a must-see floating market when traveling to Can Tho. It could be an authentic Vietnamese experience to sample regional cuisine or hop on some of the variety of rowing boats and haggle in some bargains.

The market opens from the break of dawn, at around 5 or 6 pm, so try to be an early bird riser to capture this stunning scene.

Cai Be market in Tien Giang

Located just a short distance from Ho Chi Minh City, Cai Be floating market is a great place to get a true insight into the local life and culture. It starts from sunrise until the late morning, so it’s not too rush to catch up in time.

Best time to visit

Travelers can pay a visit to these colorful markets all year round except for Tet Holiday (from 27-28 December to January 6 lunar months)


Ones who have been in Vietnam at least once will be familiar with the images of a traditional rickshaw. It is a two or three-wheel vehicle used by locals in rural areas for a long time ago.

Also known as “cyclo”, this unique means of transportation is now popular served at tourist attractions. Hop on and experience the changing sceneries with a leisurely pace is truly an authentic way to explore the hidden corners of Vietnam’s cities.


For a better experience, a rickshaw should only carry one person at a time

It is necessary to do a bargain before hopping on the cabin to avoid unnecessary incidents.

A rickshaw ride is highly recommended for the best experience in Hanoi’s Old Quarter or Imperial City of Hue

In addition to these unmatched cultures, travelers are able to see a variety of characteristics in long-standing culture of the country. Don’t miss out on this pearl land and gorge on its endless charm of culture.

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