Why Chinese Tourists love Greece

Chinese tourists ¬†are still “invading” a large number of Greeks. Last year, 150,000 Chinese passengers used to visit the country. Usually they travel in groups, but individual passengers are also coming to the country, where their rich history is always high.

For more than a night or two, Greece is mostly tourists from the Middle East. However, their importance for the local hotel industry and the entire Greek tourism is unacceptable.

Chinese tourists presented a quarter of all the guests at a local hotel in Athens. Despite some minor issues with guests, this amount is increasing. These issues are primarily related to food, because they like food from their country.

Hospitals are trying to adopt their demands and offer Chinese cuisine. Many Chinese restaurants are opened in Athens, although, in recognition, Chinese food in Europe is quite different from the original Middle East.

The main target groups from China are young visitors. “It is easy for youth to fly books and flights, because they know how to do it online. So, it is easy to visit Europe,” said a Chinese tourist in Athens.

In fact, apart from the country, China’s tourists have also improved the promotion of Greek property markets. It was confirmed by Lawrence Cheng, representative of Silk Road Travel, a travel company for China’s tourists.

Many Chinese people are ready to invest in Greece. They buy properties, restore them and then rent them. More than a thousand families have allegedly invested essential funds for getting a renowned Golden Visa. This visa is available to those who invest at least 250,000 euros in Greece. This visa is a 5-year-old residential consent.

Chinese Greek economy is increasing. However, probably in the future, potentially major tourists are promoting. In September, direct flights from Beijing to Athens are expected to start. Thus, if 150,000 visitors last year are not a sign, 2017 tourists are likely to record a year.

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